DOST has a well-developed infrastructure in place that enables it to carry out its vital work. Having this established base means that any funding that is received is utilised in the maintenance and expansion of activities. The following are lists of permanent assets owned by them.


A. Land and Buildings
Land measuring 3767 sq.yds. in a commercial area of Hayatabad Township, Peshawar, was donated by a Founder member of the DOST Board of Directors in 1992. The following two buildings are constructed on this land:


B. A 3-Storey Building Housing Sakoon Kore-1.
This 40-bed residential addiction treatment and rehabilitation centre, measuring 10050 sq.ft. was constructed in 1996.


C. 5-Storey Building
A 5-storey building measuring 25500 sq.ft. was constructed in 2005. It houses DOST Headoffice, Sakoon Kore-2 which is an 80-bed residential addiction treatment and rehabilitation centre, a Crisis Centre for Women and Children and a Training and Resource Centre.


D. A 10-Acre Plot of Land
A 10-acre plot of land at Village Shahi Bala situated on the outskirts of Peshawar on which "DOST Community Complex" has been established. So far the following buildings have been constructed in the Complex:


E. Shahbaz Medical Centre
The Shahbaz Medical Centre measuring 1500 sq.ft. was constructed and donated by the Founding members of DOST for providing Health Services to the surrounding community.


F. Guloona Kore Sanctuary
Guloona Kore Sanctuary for Children measuring 11000 sq.ft. for the rehabilitation of children in crisis.


G. One Acre of Land
One acre of land of the DOST Complex was donated by DOST to The Citizens Foundation (TCF) for the construction of a TCF Secondary School for providing free education to the surrounding community.


H. Three Acres of Land
Three acres of land overlooking the Indus River in Village Shadi Khan was donated to DOST by family members of the founders of DOST. Construction of a Youth Resource Centre is planned in the near future.

In addition to land and buildings, DOST owns a number of vehicles which include, vans, cars, jeeps, and motor cycles. Having these vehicles enables them to provide people living in far flung areas access to their services. They also send out teams in mobile drop-in units, so that people can avail their services without having to travel long distances.

Dost Complex Building Number 5
Dost Complex - Hayatabad
Dost Community Complex-Shahi bala