Dost Foundation (DOST) commenced its journey in July 1992 in Peshawar, in the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan, now known as Khyber Pukhtunkhwa.

The struggle for social justice and empowering marginalized communities has always remained a great challenge for DOST as these groups lack a public voice and experience an entirely different reality than the society that surrounds them. They are victims of injustices, abuse, violence, oppression, poverty, lack of options, powerlessness and hopelessness.

DOST which means "friend", reaches out with a message of hope and healing to these unfortunate human beings- drug addicts, street children, prisoners, refugees, destitute women and children.

Over the past 25 years DOST has waged a war against the anguish of these groups - not by the bold, aggressive strokes to conquer the enemy- for the war is not being fought in the battlefield, but in the communities, neighbourhoods, homes, hearts, bodies and souls of people. Let us conquer with the touch that humanizes, heals, restores, empowers and instills hope.

This Community of yours is one single Community.
Al-Quran 21:92


Our Mission
"To develop Healing Communities for the most marginalized and disadvantaged groups in society, to empower and heal them in body, mind and spirit and enable them to lead productive and fulfilling lives".