Dost Welfare Foundation (DOST) was born in July 1992 and was the culmination a dream to provide hope and healing for suffering humanity. All along the way DOST, which means 'friend', has reached out with love and compassion to men, women and children- drug users and their families, prisoners, refugees, persons displaced from their homes in emergencies and war, victims of HIV/AIDS and human rights abuses, and all persons in crises.

DOST reaches out with the touch that heals, restoring to them their dignity, their humanity and their lives.

"The business-like atmosphere at DOST was the first thing that struck me. Yet, there was also something else; something indefinable, that makes DOST different. The difference was the palpable benevolence and compassion that permeates its atmosphere. This, above all, is what makes DOST a sanctuary for the rejected, the outcast and the unwanted".

Zeenat Elahi, Psychologist and Journalist.