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Programme Areas
Daily Average Beneficiaries
Residential Drug Addiction Treatment Services for drug addicts
Treatment services are provided through the following centres:
1) Sakoon Kore TC-I (for drug addicts)
2) Sakoon Kore TC-II (for street drug addicts)
3) Sakoon Kore TC-III (for child drug addicts)
4) Sakoon Kore TC-IV (for drug addicts in prison)
5) Treatment Centres in Bamyan and Daikundi Provinces of Afghanistan
Street Outreach and Drop-in Centre Services for Drug Addicts
HIV prevention, drug harm reduction, motivational counselling, medical and social services are provided to street drug users through:
1) Two Drop-in Centres for street drug addicts in Peshawar
2) Mobile Drop-in Centre for street drug addicts in Peshawar
3) Six Dar-ul Falah Faith-based Drop-in centres in Tribal Areas
Prison-based psycho-social and Rights Protection Services for Women and Children in Peshawar and Haripur Central Prisons
Awareness, vocational, educational, healthcare, counselling, recreational, computer literacy,
legal and social services are provided to prisons inmates
Prison-based HIV/ STI Prevention and Management Services
Awareness, Voluntary Testing and Counselling for HIV, Hep B/C, Syphilis, STI Management, condom education, advocacy with prison authorities and social services
Awareness and Legal Assistance Programme for women and children in conflict with the law
Awareness, sensitization and training of prison, police and probation authorities. Establishment and mobilization of community groups and provision of free legal aid services
Community-based Drug Demand Reduction Services in Afghan Refugee Camps in North West Frontier Province of Pakistan
Training of community workers in drug abuse prevention, home-based drug addiction treatment services, referral of ex-drug users to vocational training programme, mobilization of drug demand reduction communities
Outreach and Drop-in Centre Services for Street Children
HIV and drug abuse prevention awareness and counselling, non-formal basic education, life skills development, psycho-social support, child rights awareness and family counselling services
Human Resource Development Programme
Awareness and training sessions, fellowships and internships for students, civil defence volunteers, training courses and fellowships for government, national and international professionals
Average Daily Beneficiaries: 1954