Street Children

Children on the streets may be beggars, scavengers, drug users, or simply homeless. They are all victims of poverty and many of them are sent out by their families to earn money. On the streets, they are at risk of abuse and exploitation by the police, criminal elements, and the community at large.

DOST outreach teams visit the street locations frequented by these children and address their needs. All services provided are needs based and Rights-Based. The children are motivated to come to the Drop-In Centres where they are registered and their entire history is taken down. They are provided with health services, recreational activities, food, counselling, life skills and non-formal education. Their families are contacted and are made aware of the dangers faced by them on the streets. Many of them are inducted into schools for which all expenses are met by DOST and are taught income generation skills to compensate for the income they would have received on the streets.

The homeless are provided with safe shelters, those who are in conflict with the law are given legal assistance, the drug users are given treatment and rehabilitation in the DOST Children's Treatment Centre, and the HIV + cases are provided with full care and support. Families of children are offered counselling and vocational skills training which include tailoring, handicrafts, embroidering and others. The income from sale of products is given to the family members.

...and they feed for the love of Allah, the indigent, the orphan, and the captive.
Al-Quran 76:8

"If you can recognise the need for improvement, things are already improving".

One street child's story