"Congratulations for your magnificent work of rehabilitation in a very human detention center - you deserve every body's appreciation and recognition.

Antonio Maria Costa
Executive Director of UN Office on Drugs and Crime

"Words cannot determine the work being done by DOST. It can only be seen in the eyes of the addicts and heard in their own words what DOST has done for them under the dynamic and compassionate leadership of Dr. Parveen Azam. There cannot be a greater service to humanity than restoring dignity, respect and a will to live as human beings. That is what Dr. Parveen and her dedicated workers are doing. I wish them every success in this noble work".

Shoaib Sultan Khan
Chairman of Pakistan National Rural Support Programme

"We are honoured to partner with DOST in your treatment and rehabilitation efforts and look forward to working with you on approach through the mosques. I congratulate you on the dedication you have shown in this critical field".

Anne W. Patterson
US Ambassador to Pakistan and former Assistant Secretary of State for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs

"Visiting this place is always a great experience. Today I am tempted to borrow (steal) words from Churchill and say that never in the history of NGOs in Pakistan has so much been done for so many by so few (actually one person). It is a great model and the TVO as a donor agency is proud of it".

Iqbal Jafar
CEO , Trust for Voluntary Organizations, Pakistan

Antonio Maria Costa
Executive Director of UN Office on Drugs and Crime